The Coracor story

They say a baby changes everything. A few years ago, we discovered they were right. Coracor was started to shift focus from tomorrow, to here and now, and to be there for those you love. It's funny – we thought we were going to teach our children everything, but realize they're the ones teaching us. Our kids are the inspiration for Coracor. Coracor's baby wrap is our contribution to strengthening the bond between parent and child, the relationship we believe to be the most important in life.

The Coracor science

Carrying your child in the Coracor baby wrap provides security, harmony and happiness and it helps your child's development. Being close significantly reduces crying, as the baby feels safe and the parent is more alert and aware of the baby's signals. Skin to skin contact increases the oxytocin levels, enhances the feeling of well being for both parent and child, and helps reduce the rate of postpartum depression.

During the transition from womb to the outer world, known as "the fourth trimester", being carried in a wrap also helps the infant to adapt. The closeness to the parent, the ability to sense the parent's heartbeat and constant motion are familiar to what the baby experienced in the womb.

Oh, and it’s really cozy.

The Coracor sustainability

Since we want a future for coming generations, all our baby wraps are made from sustainable materials in conscious production facilities. Made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, the Coracor baby wraps are soft, pliable, and will keep both you and your baby comfortable.

The Coracor look

The design of our baby wraps focus on sober, beautiful colors that will make you feel stylish and well-dressed. Our prints are designed to be modern, inspirational, and harmonize with your own personal style.

Pay it forward

Sharing is caring. When you and your baby have gotten the most out of your wrap, we'd love it if you pass it on to a friend, sell it or recycle it. It’s a great way to get a clear coraconscience.

Spread love and keep them close.