This is why you should carry your baby in a wrap

Carrying your child in a baby wrap is not only cozy and practical, but provides many benefits, both for the baby and for you who wear it. Skin to skin and heart to heart, you create a stronger bond that makes both you and the baby healthier and happier.

Baby carrier or baby wrap?

The most important thing is that you and your child feel comfortable and that you have a cozy time together. Both a carrier and a wrap provide closeness, security and hands free. Like so much else, it's a matter of taste. But there are some things that we think are good for you to know about baby wraps before you decide which baby carrier to choose for you and your child.

Can be used directly from birth

The baby wrap is the best and most cozy alternative for a small baby, as it can be used directly from birth, even for premature babies. It is elastic in the fabric, soft and cuddly. You will both get an intense intoxication of feel-good hormones! Coracor baby wrap can be used during the child's first year of life and is safety tested up to 12 kg.

The baby wrap fits everyone

One and the same baby wrap fits everyone, regardless of length and body shape, and the size of the baby. Your partner can, for example, share a baby wrap with you, even if you look completely different. The same applies to your baby as it grows, the baby wrap can be adjusted so that it is completely adapted to the size of your body.

Requires no accessories

A baby wrap can be used just as it is directly from birth, unlike many baby carriers that require some form of infant insert before the baby has grown in the seat of the baby carrier. Once the wrap is tied, it is excellent to take in and out of the baby several times without having to tie. It is also perfectly possible to breastfeed or bottle-feed in a stretchy wrap.

Is it difficult to tie the wrap?

It's not difficult, it just requires a little practice. When you tie the wrap for the very first time, it is easier if your child is rested, measured and freshly changed. In just a couple of attempts, you get the technique in and it is quick to learn. Along with Coracor's baby wrap, there is always an instruction booklet that clearly shows how to tie the baby wrap step-by-step. There are also many great instructional videos to watch on how to tie a baby wrap.

Is it safe to wear a baby wrap?

Carrying your baby in a wrap is a wonderful way to experience the world together. It is important to wear it safely, and there are some basic rules that everyone who wears should know. In the instruction booklet that comes with all Coracor baby wrap, you will also find information on what is important to think about from a safety point-of-view.

I have carried both my children in wraps and it has made my life so much easier and enriched.

Asabea Britton, Midwife

At Coracor, you will find stretchy wraps in several different patterns and colours that match both your spring and autumn wardrobe. All products are made from organic cotton and GOTS-certified. The exclusive quality gives a soft, cool and durable fabric. The wraps have a so-called two-way stretch that provides a compliant, relieving and safe carrying wrap. Coracor's stretchy wrap is therefore perfect for those who are new to stretchy wraps.

Tinyflower Green Wrap

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Leo Toffee Wrap

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Natural to wear - innate reflex

We have carried our children since time immemorial. It is natural and inscribed in our genetics and children are born with reflexes to cling to their parent's body. Skin-to-skin contact has been a prerequisite for survival, and is for many mothers (and fathers) in the world also a matter of course.

Skin to skin - increased security for both of you

Skin to skin promotes the connection between you and your child and creates a safe environment for both of you. The proximity to you and to feel your heartbeat, movements, your scent and your voice, makes the transition from the womb to the outside world very gentle. It also means a sense of security for you to be able to feel your child at all times, kiss it as often as you want and see that it breathes and feels good. In addition, you learn early on to interpret your baby's signals for food and sleep and meet the needs at the right time, which gives a very happy and safe baby.

A nice interplay - bodies in balance

By carrying your baby skin to skin, you help your toddler maintain body temperature, heart rate and blood sugar levels. Studies show that children who are born cry less and sleep better. Sleep is extremely important for the young child as their brains are given the opportunity to process and grow. The parent also interacts and talks more with his child when he is carried, which is positive for the child's intellectual and social development.

More feel-good hormones for both of you

Proximity and touch produce high levels of the hormone oxytocin, in both the child and the parent. Oxytocin has many measurable effects, among other things, studies show that a lot of touch when small affects the development of the child's brain, and provides long-term positive emotional health for the child. A child who has received a lot of closeness as a child tends to become a friendlier and less stressed individual as an adult. Oxytocin also gives the parent a feeling of well-being, peace and security.

Promotes breastfeeding - simplifies feeding

The hormones that are important for breastfeeding are stimulated by being skin to skin, both in terms of milk production and breastfeeding time. When the baby is skin to skin, it is reminded to wake up close to wanting to eat, and you can both breastfeed and bottle feed in the wrap. Carrying your baby in a wrap is also a great way for the parent who is not breastfeeding, to tie and strengthen the bond to their baby.

Feeling of freedom - reduced risk of baby blues

When you carry your baby in a baby wrap, you not only get a happy baby but also your hands free. It creates the conditions to suffice with the practicalities of everyday life but also to be able to take care of older siblings or just be raw about yourself. Being able to move freely prevents postpartum depression, and being able to meet your baby's needs while getting things done strengthens your self-confidence and reduces your stress.

A flexible, (and nice!) means of transport

Carrying your child is easy outside the home and with a baby wrap you can get around everywhere, you avoid cramped lifts and to ride a pram on difficult stairs. The wrap hardly takes up any space in the bag when you are not using it, and you can also keep it on and take your child in and out as many times as you want. This thin stretchy wrap feels like a nice jumper and with Coracor's different wraps you can easily match the wrap with your outfit.

Healthier baby - even more benefits

  • Children who have colic, evening anxiety or reflux can get symptom relief by wearing a baby wrap.
  • Carrying counteracts the flat back of the child, as it minimizes the potential time the child spends flat on its back in a crib or pram.
  • Carrying stimulates the child's balance and motor development, as the parent's movements and the upright position help the child develop his muscle strength.
  • Premature babies who are born gain more weight and have a reduced risk of sequelae.

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