How to use a Coracor baby wrap

When using your Coracor baby wrap for the first time, you will have an easier time if your baby is fed, well rested, and newly changed. This new routine can take a few attempts before it feels comfortable for you and your baby. Give it a few tries, things will fall into place sooner than you think. Please wash your baby wrap according to the wash instructions, before you use it for the first time.

Setting up

1. Locate the Coracor logo in the middle, and place it centered across your chest, aligned with your armpits. This is called the horizontal pass.

2. Cross the two ends behind your back and bring the ends up and over your shoulders, creating an "X" on your back. Keep the fabric flat so it doesn’t twist.

3. Gather both ends and tuck them under the horizontal pass on your chest, from the top down.

4. Tighten the wrap by pulling the fabric up and forward at the shoulders.

5. Cross the ends in the front to form an "X" across your chest, called the inner and outer diagonal passes. Make sure your wrap is nice and snug, especially the upper part of the horizontal pass.

6. Bring the ends behind your back and tie a double knot – at the back, on your hip, or at the front – tie it where your body type allows. If there’s any slack at the knot, move it to the cross at the front, to check whether it is enough room for your baby, or if you need to adjust your tightening.

Getting in

7. Hold the baby against the shoulder with the outer diagonal pass. Take your time to calm your baby if needed, and make sure the baby is fully supported.

8. Carefully slide your baby into the inner diagonal pass. Pull the soft stretchy fabric away from your body to easily insert your baby’s leg. Be careful not to overspread your baby’s knees. Spread the fabric evenly from one knee to the other, and cover the baby’s bottom, thighs, back and shoulders.

9. Spread the other pass over your baby’s body and to the back of the knees.

10. Gently put the baby’s legs through the horizontal pass and pull it up and over your baby’s back.

11. All done!

12. Perform a safety check and that both you and your baby feel comfortable and safe.

Getting out

1. To remove the baby from the wrap, pull down the horizontal pass below the baby’s bottom.

2. Support your baby at all times and pull each diagonal pass to the side and away from the baby.

3. Carefully lift the baby straight up and out of the wrap. The wrap can be left in place ready for next time.