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Coracor Leo Green Kids Wrap

29.27 EUR

Green is one of the most lovable colors on the planet, and putting something you love in something green acts a multiplier of love.

Closeness is for everyone! When your kid wraps their dolls or plush animals, you let them feel like the caretaker they are, enabling them to grow as humans. With the Coracor Kids Wrap you also let them feel elegant, stylish and well dressed. Made from the same organic certified cotton the Coracor baby wrap and blankets are, it keeps both your kids, and their loved one, comfortably tempered. Naturally, the colors and designs all match the grown-up versions of the wraps and blankets, so the whole family can be color coordinated and stylishly fabulous.

Coracor benefits:

  • Designed for carrying dolls or plush animals from zero to a hundred years (or more!)
  • Easy to put on, instructions available online
  • Fully adjustable, one size fits all
  • 91% organic GOTS-certified cotton and 9% elastane
  • Designed in Sweden, and carefully manufactured in Turkey
  • Machine washable

How to use a Coracor wrap.